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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Leah Remini Scientology Tell All: Crazy Stories, Moments

Leah Remini Scientology Tell All: Crazy Stories, Moments:

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Who is committing the worst atrocities against, us, Muslims? – The Express Tribune Blog

Who is committing the worst atrocities against, us, Muslims? – The Express Tribune Blog:

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Sam Harris - Morality and the Christian God


Just like all the rest...

Oh Yeah?

What if there is 'NO God'??? Just non Existent, Non deity, Zilch, Nil, Nothing, Nought, Zero !!!!

"It is Christianity, Islam and many other prominent beliefs, not atheism, that diminishes the real value and meaning of life. We atheists find purpose in the world as it is, and in our real lives; we see living beings as valuable in their own right, deserving of our concern and compassion simply because they share our capacity for pain and pleasure". "After all, if the only valuable thing about existence is that God gave it to us, then that must mean the gift is not worth having in its own right".
"Theistic religion reduces life to something that has no value other than as the creation of an imagined deity". "It is time to abandon this baseless worldview. It is time to reject theistic religion and start viewing ourselves and others with real dignity, as beings with value in our own right and not just as the distorted shadows of a fictional creator".
Atheists are 'good for goodness sake', (well there are some bad) and not because there is a reward of 'heaven', at the end of it.
Some cults on this earth, glorifies death over life... Just think about that for a moment...!
What if there is no god? Just non existent?
All the killings, torture and unnecessary deaths, restrictive lives, powerless, subservient women, starving children, etc,etc, While the likes of the vatican is full of treasures.. Why all the rapes, Female Genital Mutilation, anger, unhappiness, misery, kept from what normal human beings need to have to be content and pleasurable. Who would want to live such a miserable and lacklustre life, and all this has taken place because of it, God, religion.
Then... someone, some 'man' had a stroke of genius by making up an afterlife which is promised once all the killing and slaughtering of other human beings has been done, a promised land where everything is perfect, so why did the 'All Powerful God' not just 'Make the Perfect Land', in the first place.... Hello...!!! Wake up... wake up... time to live in the real world...
A comforting unreality as opposed to an uncomfortable reality, does sound good and reassuring... but it is just not true... We need to get real and investigate all these claims for ourselves, instead of, being taught them from a young age and going with it the rest of our lives... People do get things wrong and mess up big style!
Don't you think I would love to see my father again in a perfect world... And other members of my family... And I know my father was a 'non practising catholic'... He just did not believe, in fact I used to try and convert him, back in the day... He is surely in hell if there was one, (where I would join him).... But when you die you die, just like you were before you were conceived... 'Non existent'.
And another thing... The 'Soul' actually means 'A living thing/body', whereas the 'Spirit' means 'breath' it does not mean that there is another entity, when the 'spirit' leaves the body it simply means the 'breath' leaves the body!
The English word spirit, from Latin spiritus "breath"... but also "spirit, soul, courage, vigor", ultimately from a Proto-Indo-European (Wikipedia)
It is distinguished from Latin anima, "soul" (which nonetheless also derives from an Indo-European root meaning "to breathe".
So somewhere along the line, 'Religious Scholars' have jumped on this bandwagon and created a 'Holy Ghost' or 'Holy Spirit' without even letting us understand the translated meanings of these words... and these are only 2 words in the bible that we speak of here... Think about how many words have been lost in translation, or deliberately left out or concocted... All to fool the masses, a means of control, for those who were not literate at the time... and by god it has turned into something massive. and changed the world as we know it, particularly depending on WHERE you were born... Yeah, there are many 'gods' in many countries... and in many Centuries... and all of them, each and every one of them are.... INVISIBLE!
Just think about it... There is no god... There is no god.... There is no god.... Ah Peace!