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Friday, 20 September 2013

15 Things Not to Say to a Recovering Fundamentalist Christian | Samantha Field

"You have to let it go"... Grrrrr.... After 30 years of being Brainwashed... You just can't let it go.... I am F***ing angry... and I want each and every one of them exposed, each and every Religious sect/cult/group/church etc etc...

15 Things Not to Say to a Recovering Fundamentalist Christian | Samantha Field:

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  1. I read your story and it irritated me. Some of these groups of Christians not only damage the Gospel...they damage the individuals they are supposed to be witnessing to. I don't mean the individual is damaged as a prospect for Christ...I'm they screw 'em up as individuals. You take somebody with a propensity for compulsiveness, anxiety or depression and you bombard them with all this crazy shit (the actual Gospel not being included here as feces)'s a wonder more people don't loose it in these ridiculously charged atmospheres. You're going to hell...if you don't have an emotional orgasm that ends with the name of Jesus immaculately tattoed on your right a tattoo parlor that was on fire...everything destroyed except a battered copy of the Bible kept under the cash register.

    WHo are they trying to fool? Themselves? This is not how faith faith I mean faith in Jesus Christ, that he was who he said he was, that his one time sacrifice was sufficient. I accept it cognitively...not in a frenzy of emotion.

    How do you know that you know you are saved. Paaaw. It rightly makes thinking people insane...especially when they are being condition to assume that because they have accepted the Jesus, the Lord will send the Holy Ghost to make a complete fool of themselves.

    The honest seeking person comes to this and then...hey where's my ride on the Tilt-a-Jesus. When's it coming...what am I doing wrong. It is powerfully manipulative but it is nonsense.

    Faith is an act of will. I have faith that Jesus is who he said he was. Not I have faith that Jesus is who he said he was if it can be proven with an extra spin on the tilt from my Angle carny.

    It is an act of will that does have the power to transform...just not usually with dry ice and laser beams.
    Manipulative nonsense that can leave some people really damaged.
    I, as a member of a conservative historic church, think you're right to be angry about it.